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Hammer Auktion 85 / Library of Robert Guy / Part 3 - 16. Dezember 2021


Während den Öffnungszeiten
Hammer Auktionen
St. Jakobs-Strasse 59
4052 Basel, Schweiz


16. Dezember 2021
13 Uhr
Hammer Auktionen
St. Jakobs-Strasse 59
4052 Basel, Schweiz

The library of Dr J. Robert Guy

The part of Robert Guy’s library that will be auctioned by Hammer Auktionen consists of about 5,000 works, which will be auctioned as follows:

– Sale 83 (part 1/10) 14.12.2021: general books (Egypt, Greece, Italy etc.)
– Sale 84 (part 2/10) 15.12.2021: themed books (materials & techniques)
– Sale 85 (part 3/10) 16.12.2021: themed books (mythology, burials etc.)
– Sale 86 (part 4/10) 17.12.2021: museum bulletins & records
– Sale 87 (part 5/10) 21.12.2021: studies, papers, yearbooks, journals etc.

As the auctions will take a long time, it is recommended (besides the possibility of pre-bidding) to mark the lots you are interested in with the heart icon (top right of the picture of the book). You will then receive a reminder message from Live Auctioneers 10 lots before they will be auctioned.

Parts 6 to 10 (art history, auction catalogues, encyclopedias, exhibition catalogues etc.) will be auctioned early 2022. Stay up to date and follow Hammer Auktionen on Live Auctioneers.


Hammer Auktionen will gladly arrange all shipping in house via „Swiss Post“.

The costs (depending on weight) can be calculated here:

NB: The weight of each lot is mentioned in the catalogue entry.

Packaging, insurance and handling is charged with additional CHF 10 (min.) to 50 (max.), depending on size and weight.

If you wish a different shipping quotation, or have any questions about the services we offer, please contact: Matthias Asael (, and we will take care of your instructions.

In order to determine shipping costs in case of purchases at multiple auctions, all invoices will be sent on December 21, after the sale 87.

Shipping will take place in the first two weeks of January 2022.

Hammer Auktionen

Dr John Robert Guy (1949-2020)

Robert Guy was one of the most outstanding classical scholars of his generation. Born in Canada in 1949 he studied at Queens College, Ontario before arriving in Oxford in 1975 where he remained until 1984. He received his doctorate for his thesis on „The Early Classical Followers of Douris“ having studied under Professor Martin Robertson, the former pupil and presumed heir to the great Oxford vase scholar J.D. Beazley. From here he went to The Art Museum, Princeton as Associate Curator of Ancient Art, a position he held until 1991. At Princeton Robert was able to make important acquisitions as well as continuing with his research, lecturing and redisplaying areas of the collection. From 1992, he held the Humfry Payne Senior Research Fellow in Classical Archaeology at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, leaving in 1999 to work as an independent scholar and adviser before joining the Cahn Gallery in Basel in 2009.

Robert Guy was essentially a vase scholar and although he would deny it, some called him the „new Beazley“ but he also had a formidable knowledge and understanding on all areas of the ancient world as illustrated by the impressive list of acquisitions and loans he made for Princeton and the advice and support he gave to many colleagues and friends worldwide.


Dies ist eine Auktion bei der nur online oder schriftlich geboten werden kann. Um mitzubieten besuchen Sie bitte die Seite von liveauctioneers über diesen Link:

This auction is an online only sale. To participte follow the link below and bid through liveauctioneers:


Matthias ASAEL
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Hammer Auktion 85 / Library of Robert Guy / Part 3 - Online Katalog

Lot 44


Lot 45 Verkauft


Lot 46 Verkauft

Herakles, Herkules

Lot 47 Verkauft


Lot 52 Verkauft

Homer. The Iliad

Lot 53 Verkauft

Homer. The Odyssey

Lot 75 Verkauft

Mythos Troya

Lot 83 Verkauft

Roman Myths

Lot 98 Verkauft

The Oresteia

Lot 105


Lot 109 Verkauft

Das Basler Arztrelief

Lot 110 Verkauft

Death of a Hero

Lot 113 Verkauft

Greek Burial Customs

Lot 134 Verkauft

Alltag in der Antike

Lot 136 Verkauft

Blacks in Antiquity

Lot 139 Verkauft

Comic Angels

Lot 149 Verkauft

Greek and Roman Life

Lot 164 Verkauft


Lot 174 Verkauft

The Legacy of Greece

Lot 184 Verkauft

I Clavdia

Lot 185 Verkauft

I Clavdia II

Lot 187 Verkauft

Starke Frauen

Lot 189 Verkauft

Women in Antiquity

Lot 192 Verkauft

The Victorious Youth

Lot 197 Verkauft

Jumeaux, Jumelles

Lot 212


Lot 220 Verkauft

Eros in Greece

Lot 226 Verkauft

Greek Homosexuality

Lot 227 Verkauft

Griechische Eroten

Lot 231 Verkauft

Looking at Lovemaking

Lot 234 Verkauft

Sex or Symbol

Lot 238 Verkauft

Ancient Faces

Lot 240 Verkauft

Ancient Portraiture

Lot 242 Verkauft

Antike Porträt

Lot 256 Verkauft

Greek Portraits

Lot 257 Verkauft

Greek Portraits

Lot 258 Verkauft

Greek Portraits II

Lot 259 Verkauft

Griechische Köpfe

Lot 262 Verkauft

Le Portrait Romain

Lot 265 Verkauft

Mummy Portraits

Lot 269 Verkauft

Römische Porträt

Lot 275 Verkauft

Roman Portrait Busts

Lot 277 Verkauft

Roman Portraits

Lot 278 Verkauft

Roman Portraits

Lot 279 Verkauft

Roman Portraits

Lot 297 Verkauft

Faces of Power

Lot 299 Verkauft

Philip of Macedon

Lot 307 Verkauft

Bronze et or

Lot 312 Verkauft

Il Volto di Tiberio

Lot 321 Verkauft

The Image of Augustus

Lot 325 Verkauft

A Golden Legacy

Lot 342 Verkauft

Il Tresoro Nascosto

Lot 348 Verkauft

L’Or des Amazones

Lot 349 Verkauft

L’Oro dei Greci

Lot 350 Verkauft

Le Oreficerie

Lot 353 Verkauft

The Aidonia Treasure

Lot 354 Verkauft

The Ancient World

Lot 357 Verkauft

The Hoxne Treasure

Lot 360 Verkauft

Vindolanda Jewellery

Lot 366 Verkauft

Antike Gemmen

Lot 369 Verkauft

Camées Antiques

Lot 379 Verkauft

The Wellcome Gems

Lot 382 Verkauft

Antike Münzen

Lot 386 Verkauft

Coins of Greek Sicily

Lot 388 Verkauft

Connoisseur July 1988

Lot 394 Verkauft

Greek Numismatic Art

Lot 401 Verkauft


Lot 412 Verkauft

Ancient Coins

Lot 462 Verkauft

Torkom Demirjian

Lot 469 Verkauft

Antike Gläser

Lot 470 Verkauft

Antike Glastäpferei

Lot 471 Verkauft

Early Ancient Glass

Lot 472 Verkauft

Gläser der Antike

Lot 473 Verkauft

Glas der Caesaren

Lot 475 Verkauft

Glass of the Caesars

Lot 482 Verkauft

The Portland Vase

Lot 493 Verkauft

Alexander to Actium

Lot 494 Verkauft

Ancient Antioch

Lot 512 Verkauft

Ptolemac Alexandria

Lot 524 Verkauft

Antiquities acquired

Lot 525 Verkauft

Archaeological Fakes

Lot 528 Verkauft

Gefälschte Antike

Lot 530 Verkauft

HMS Colossus

Lot 533 Verkauft

La Galleria dei Falsi

Lot 536 Verkauft

Pawnshop and Palaces

Lot 538 Verkauft

Restauri Archeologici

Lot 545 Verkauft

The Plundered Past

Lot 550 Verkauft

Vrai ou Faux ?

Lot 551 Verkauft

Who owns antiquity?

Lot 552 Verkauft

Who Owns the Past ?

Lot 564


Lot 572 Verkauft

Greek Lyric II

Lot 578


Lot 585


Lot 600


Lot 604 Verkauft

Sappho and Alcaeus

Lot 616 Verkauft

The Cyclops

Lot 627 Verkauft

The Tragedy of Greece



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